Our C++ Capabilities

We provide full-cycle development of cross-platform high-performance applications — from consulting to product development, integration and continuous support.

Major Domain Expertise

Cross-platform applications

The major reasons to select the cross-platform approach is saving on investment on the one hand, and raising the overall quality of the code. Our c++ developers have years of experience in developing cross-platform applications using Qt, vxWidgets, GTK+ and other toolsets. We develop cross-platform applications of any complexity — from installers, GUI and mobile applications to games and enterprise-level solutions.

Native software development

We have been providing C++ consulting and product development services for ISVs and technology companies and enterprises for over 8 years, We build OS-native feature-rich software products for Linux, MacOS, Windows, including utilities, tools, gadgets and widgets, as well as office, communication and multimedia apps.

Software for Security Devices

Our extensive expertise spans development of backend system components for various electronic security devices and surveillance equipment. We have the know-how needed to build reliable high-performance software for digital close circuit TV (CCTV), portable body cameras, digital multimedia recorders, comprehensive home security systems, turnstile, automatic gate systems, and others.

We have significant experience of collaboration with hardware vendors, when hardware and software products are developed simultaneously, which substantially improves the time-to-market value.