Enterprise Extranets and Intranets

We help you benefit in essential business driving areas, making management and staff efforts more cost-effective, reducing time for information to be located and accessed, ensuring collaboration transparency.

Extended Enterprise

For Employees, Customers and Supply Chain Partners

We deliver a complete portal infrastructure that provides people-centric integration of all types of enterprise information helping transform corporate or third party applications, structured and unstructured data, and web content into well-structured re-usable valuable assets.

Enterprise Extranets & Intranets

All-in-one Solutions

We unite all applications, document repositories and data storages into one information system with a permission-based single access point.

Tailored Functionality

We implement both best-practice portal tools and custom modules for effective collaboration of employees, customers and partners that ensure efficient daily operations of all company divisions.

Enterprise Security

We discuss portal security policy at the very first stage of portal development project to prevent internal and external threats and protect valuable and sensitive data.

Open Architecture

We leverage our extensive portal development expertise coupled with deep domain and technology skills to deliver the most open portal architecture to enable easy integration of various solutions and tools.