Customer Relationship Management

We ensure that your CRM system is designed to support fine-tuned, interactive communication with customers and allows to flexibly adjust your customer policy and marketing strategy to the changing customer needs.

Decision-making support

  • Customer profiles: data collection, aggregation, history tracking
  • Customer segmentation rules automation
  • Market analysis and trends tracking
  • Cost-of-sale and resource allocation management
  • OLAP Techniques implementation
  • Reporting tools configuration
  • Dashboards & Scorecards
  • Planning & Scheduling Tools
  • Task Management tools
  • Issue Tracking tools

Sales & Marketing Automation

Technologies- Sales and Marketing Automation

  • Leads and opportunities management
  • Product management
  • Campaign management, results acquisition and assessment
  • Sales administration
  • Contract and Order management
  • Sales cycle & pipeline management
  • Corporate data flow & Knowledge management
  • Document management
  • Collaboration workspaces
  • CRM system remote and mobile access

Customer Communication and Servicing

  • Inquiry repositories and processing
  • Request handling automation
  • Customer Helpdesk automation
  • Call Centers automation
  • Alerts & Notifications automation
  • Customer Access Portal
  • Integration with customer’s data transfer systems and APIs