Online Billing and Payment Solutions

We deliver solutions to efficiently manage multiple revenue streams and one-off and recurring revenue, support customized payment terms and real-time billing

Functionality that Works

We develop and support a wide range of web-based and mobile payment and billing solutions including but not limited to SaaS based e-billing, real-time billing solutions for telecom, online banking and mobile payment gateways:


  • Standard Invoices/Invoice Templates/ Customizable Invoices
  • Quotes/Estimates
  • Tax Calculations/Multiple Tax Scenarios
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Finance Charges Calculations
  • Billable/Non-Billable Expenses
  • Service/Items/Products/Custom Units Support
  • Tangible/Non-tangible Goods, Subscriptions
  • Expense, Time, Mileage


Integration Matters

We facilitate easy integration and synchronization with your back office (ERP, CRM, SCM, CMS, DMS, etc.) and customer-facing front office application. Plus we deliver robust integration solutions to ensure seamless integration with third-party systems (payment gateways, related banks, and more).

From simple and classic flat file based data exchange to modern SOAP/REST/WCF Web Services and Web API, we can accomodate all your requirements for integrating heterogenous systems whether in one location or distributed across several continents.