Virtualization Management

With Server Hardware being available in dense configurations, virtualization is the easiest way for an organization  to reduce their infrastructure and hosting costs and at the same time reduce their carbon footprint.

Our consultants assist in all the aspects of virtualization from comprehensive IT infrastructure assessment and gap analysis, infrastructure planning and design, financial analysis (including licensing optimization), implementation and migration to ongoing management and maintenance using Microsoft HyperV, VMware ESX, and Parallels Plex.

Optimizing the Virtual Environment

Optimization of information systems performance by optimization of virtual and physical servers’ structure allows improving the utility rate of the current infrastructure.

VM storage optimization

Tracking over-allocated infrastructure and VM storage enables clients to manage their existing storage more efficiently by eliminating the chance of a outage due to scarce resources. After potential storage savings are estimated we rightsize the infrastructure and fixing VMs which are running out of storage.

Optimizing VM performance

With the virtual machine performance going up, more virtual machines can be squeezed onto a host server, thereby achieving higher virtual machine density.

Automated VM rightsizing

To achieve the most utilization and better performance, the custom virtual appliance initiates a series of virtual machine reconfiguration tasks (rightsizing) which continuously adjust to dynamic virtual infrastructure demands from various VMs.