Software Product Development

We are a full-cycle software product development provider and support you at any stage of your product evolution – from a concept to product implementation, go-live, support and maintenance.

Factors in Successful Development Acceleration

Product Leadership

We identify Business Analysis in Software Product Development as a separate area of expertise, targeted to extend capabilities and facilitate your central Product Management efforts. This helps your Product Manager to scale properly and focus on the most critical things, without being overloaded by a huge amount of information from users or multiple products requirements management tasks, etc.

Focus on Product Quality

All product quality assurance functions are handled by an independent QA department whose sole mission is the quality of your product at its every aspect. Independence from the development team guarantees that you always get correct understanding of the quality and will be able to make informed decisions based on that information.

24/7 Application Monitoring and Delivery

With our presence across time-zones and close coordination with our clients, we are able to provide 24/7 Application monitoring and delivery across time zones. This comes in handy for web-based applications without incurring any downtime during business hours.

Intellectual Property Protection

We have a strong focus on a service-based business model that is offers our clients the utmost Intellectual Property protection. Strong corporate policies, standards, dedicated project/client resources and infrastructure protect our clients’ Intellectual Property. Separate teams within our company are isolated and do not have access to project content other than the project they have been assigned to.