Application Security

As the complexity of software applications and number of integrations continue to increase, it is becoming increasingly important to assess, plan and implement robust Security architecture early on in the development process.

Security is the most important aspect of applications which can keep IT teams on their toes 24/7 . To ensure robust security of an application, several layers of the application require assessment, testing and oversight. Security vulnerabilities can cause downtime and unavailability of application services thereby causing damage to the brands, regulatory violations and other security infringements.

Our service offerings fall into the following categories:

  •   Source Code Security Audit
  •   Software Penetration Testing
  •   Software Security Training
  •   Software Development Lifecycle Planning


We employ tried and tested methodologies to consult and assist organizations of any size by tackling their IT security issues.

Our approach consolidates:

  • Security Technologies
  • Security Best Practices
  • Security Assessment and Penetration Tools.


Planning for security early on in the development lifecycle is the smartest way to develop, deploy, assure and transform your IT projects using best practices in security. If your organization has already faced security challenges or considers options to mitigate security risks in the future, we are here to help you.